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Youth Euro Trophy Finals - 26 March 2017

 For more info on the Finals on May 26th in Reims (France) please follow this link: link.


ANNOUNCEMENT - 23 February 2017


A big misunderstanding is existing in the YET rules regarding the awarding of the points in the tournaments.


Article 17 says :

“In view of varying rules in the different countries, only the scores from the 6 first games played in the preliminary rounds will count for the ranking. (in case more qualifying games are played).”


This rule must be understood as following :


“Only the first 6 games” means “only the first 6 of more games in an entry”. This is confirmed in the next sentence “in case more qualifying games are played” . In the past we played in some tournaments (The Netherlands, France …) more than 6 games. This created the misunderstanding. It should be clear that the scores of the best qualifying round (entry or re-entry) of each player are considered for the YET-points.


The rule will be clearly updated after this YET-season.


We apologize for all inconveniences caused by this misunderstanding.


Arny Goossens

President YET

New organizational structure - 03 August 2016

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